Are you ready to be Peerless?

We are Technology executives/founders with over two decades of experience in the technology industry. We coach Startup Founders, Tech Execs to be Peerless & match tech firms with exceptional talent.

About Us

Peerless Pros, LLC is a coaching, recruiting and contract staffing firm based in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Our mission is simple: “Help you be Peerless”.

We strive to develop “Exceptional Leaders, Professionals & Organizations by unlocking human potential”. We serve Startups, Scaleups, Startup Studios, Software companies and IT organizations.

We believe that right mentorship and coaching is fundamental to helping individuals excel.  We provide personalized coaching to senior technology executives, startup founders and software professionals who are looking  to achieve significant career results.

Through our STEMZee initiative, We also strive to play a key role in developing future Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Engineers, Scientists, Doctors and Educators by providing K-12 students access to high quality STEM Resources & Mentors with professional experience to help kids build a solid foundation for STEM success. 

Our Services:

  • Leadership Coaching for Startup Founders, new technology managers or technology leaders experiencing challenging situations or  transitions and those interested in developing high performance teams.
  • Career/Interview Coaching for Technology Professionals: looking for a more fulfilling career role, nail a job interview or grow further in their current role.
  • Recruiting for Leaders/Professionals :   For Technology/IT businesses/startups looking to hire top-notch executives/professionals and for technology professionals/leaders looking for their next dream opportunity or contract position.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.

– Jesse Doe


Our firm has helped many individuals successfully navigate through career progressions & transitions.


Our founders bring decades of senior leadership experience in tech industry, startups & hiring mgr perspectives .

Core Focus

Our core focus is on helping our clients transform their careers by learning the secrets of being an exceptional professional. We are deeply involved in the success of our clients & develop a tailor made coaching program to help you reach the pinnacle of your career.


Our coaching process is fairly straightforward. Each of our coaching packages includes a limited set of 1-hour coaching calls held over Virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. We follow up each session with a well defined strategy & answer any questions via e-mail/chat.

Your 1st Session is on Us