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How to achieve #10X results in your life and career?

How do you reach your potential and push your life and career to new limits? Grant Cardone, is the author of international best-seller, The 10X Rule, The only difference between success and failure. Grant’s story is truly inspirational. He overcame many challenges in life, from losing his father as a young child to fighting poverty and […]

Are You Unstoppable? Developing a championship mindset to compete and lead effectively.

It’s starting to feel a lot like Spring here in the ATL! I love the fresh scent of spring flowers, the shy green leaves starting to show up and birds chirping, But what’s most exciting about Spring is the madness all around! You know what I’m talking about. It’s BRACKET time. It’s what REALLY makes […]

How to raise the lid off your leadership potential

John C. Maxwell is a noted leadership guru rated as the #1 leadership and management expert by Inc Magazine. John’s leadership work is well known around the world and is illustrated in his best-seller “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. As a Certified Leadership Coach and Speaker of the John Maxwell Team, I am happy to share with […]

When 2+2!=4; How your thinking style impacts the results you deliver @ work

Each one of us has a common goal: We want to achieve exceptional results for ourselves and our organizations. Did you know your ability to deliver exceptional results can be influenced significantly by your thinking style? Convergent thinking and Divergent thinking are two distinct styles of thinking. Convergent thinking refers to the style where the focus is on […]

Re-inventing You: How to make good choices to maximize your potential

Success is a matter of choice. Your choices dictate the destination you reach in life. So shouldn’t we ensure that we only make good choices? The challenge? We sometimes make choices that are a factor of external forces and even though our intuition may warn us about it, we still go forward with this. Example, when […]