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Mission Accomplished-Leadership Lessons from a Space Shuttle Commander

Would you trust your team with your life? Will your team trust YOU with theirs? These are the environments in which Space shuttle crew operate. Space Shuttle ventures rely on the mutual trust between the crew members and the trust in their leader: the space shuttle commander. Space shuttle ventures are extremely risky. The crew aren’t […]

Are you creating the right VIBE as a startup leader?

How do startups succeed? If you ask around, you may get different answers. Some may say that it’s the idea that matters, others may consider the team critical to success. Derek Lidow, Professor at Princeton University and former Founder/CEO of iSuppli (Sold to IHS for $100M) states in his bestselling book “Startup Leadership” that the founders leadership […]

Do you make the RIGHT choices as a leader?

“Life is a matter of choices and every choice makes you”- John C. Maxwell. Everyone of us face difficult choices daily. Should you eat that delicious desert you have been eyeing or should you take that tempting job offer. As leaders, we are constantly faced with challenging situations- Should we pursue a particularly attractive market […]