Supporting underrepresented minorities in STEAM


Our mission is to “Promote STEM education among minority women in United States”.


Community outreach to K-12 students to help them understand opportunities in STEAM careers.


Through our Mentoring initiative, We partner with K-12 schools/students to help them understand the full breadth of career opportunities in STEAM science, tech, engineering, arts and mathematics domains. Our Mentoring Initiative includes mentoring by seasoned STEAM professionals in the industry to help K-12 students get excited about STEAM and STEAM careers. Our mentors will help groom their confidence in succeeding as future STEAM professionals.


Through our courses, We aspire to provide rich course content about career opportunities in STEAM science, tech, engineering,arts and mathematics domains and how to best pursue them.


Through our commerce initiative, we provide STEAM related books, kits & toys for K-12 students in North America. For Every purchase, we will donate a portion of the proceeds towards sponsoring STEAM resources for underprivileged kids around the world.

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