How do you reach your potential and push your life and career to new limits?

Grant Cardone, Author of international best-seller, The 10X Rule, The only difference between success and failure, celebrates his 60th Birthday today. Happy Birthday @Grant Cardone.

Grant’s story is truly inspirational. He overcame many challenges in life, from losing his father as a young child to fighting poverty and overcoming drug addiction in his early 20s. He became a self-made millionaire by age 30 by working hard and building his first business. Today, Grant is an internationally recognized sales leader, owner of 5 privately held companies that generate over $100 million dollars in revenue, real estate mogul, author of several best-seller books and founder of the #10XGrowthCon, one of the best business conferences around. He owes his success to a mindset which he terms a “10X mindset”, which essentially involves thinking BIG, overcoming limiting beliefs & taking massive action.

I am excited to share some of the 10X principles that will help you push yourself to your limits and #10X your life and career:

#1- Think Big, Set 10 X Goals- Start by adopting a #nolimits mindset. We tend to set our goals low because we are afraid to leave our comfort zone and fear failure. To be successful, Grant recommends doing the exact opposite. Set goals that will be 10 times what you were originally targeting. For e.g. if you are looking to grow your business by 20 % this year, change your goals to grow your business by 200%. He also recommends writing down your goals down twice daily.

Set goals that match your potential, not your ability – Grant Cardone.

#2- No Excuses- We often inhibit our own progress by the excuses we tend to make. The #10X Rule requires a “No Excuses” mindset. We feed our mind with excuses to help us feel better about our poor decisions. Excuses are the root cause of failure and we must make every effort possible to develop a positive mindset and eliminate all negative self-talk & negative inputs from others to avoid tripping up on the tricky trek to the summit of Mt.success.

Make Time, Not Excuses- Grant Cardone

#3 Massive Action- While thinking big and setting #10X goals is a great first step, reaching new heights requires massive action. Grant states that most people take 4 levels of action a) No Action b) Retreat c)Average action d) Massive action. Reaching 10X levels of success is only possible by “Taking massive action” in your life, career and business. Massive action requires that you stay “obsessed” about your goals and go “all in” by committing ALL your available resources. If you haven’t created new problems, your actions are likely not massive enough.

Go the extra mile, there’s no one on it – Grant Cardone.

Grant’s work has impacted millions around the world, and he is on a mission to positively impact billions on this planet and is committed to do “whatever it takes” to make this happen. Cheers to a #10X future for Grant and for all of us .

How far you have come is less important than how far you can go- Grant Cardone.

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