What does success mean to YOU?

Everyone of us seeks success. We all want to feel successful. It’s the one thing that drives us everyday. However it’s interesting that the definition of success varies from person to person. To some, success is being fit and healthy and nothing more. To others, it means positively impacting lives of others. To most in the business world, success may mean growing their careers to a level where they are satisfied both in terms of monetary terms and also the nature of work and position held. And to a parent, success may mean that their kids grow up to become people with good moral character and have the ability to build a strong future for themselves.

Clearly, there doesn’t appear to be single definition of success. It is a rather subjective term. Success guru Jim Rohn suggests that we ask ourselves the following three questions to determine what success means to us and then use the answers as our north-star for achieving success:

  • What makes life valuable?
  • What makes life worthwhile?
  • What makes life work well in all areas?

Noted Leadership Guru John C. Maxwell defines success as follows:

Success is…Knowing your purpose in life, Growing to reach your maximum potential, and Sowing seeds that benefit others.- John. C.Maxwell

John’s viewpoint is that most people suffer from “destination disease” i.e they consider success as a well defined destination in their mind. When they arrive at this destination, they can consider themselves successful. For many this destination may be one or more of the following: wealth, position, power or freedom. However, John’s view of success is that “Success is a journey not a destination”. Based on the principle that success is growing to reach your maximum potential and sow seeds that benefit others- there is no end point for success, as one has unlimited potential and should always seek to work towards adding value to others. John Maxwell’s intentional living mindset – Know your why and live your why is what he believes will set you on the path for success. He believes that each individual is unique and must seek to find that intersection of what sets their soul on fire, what they are naturally great at and what makes them cry (empathy). Success can be achieved when you know your purpose, and are focused on continuous improvement to reach your potential while simultaneously seeking to help others.

Success coach Tony Robbins believes emotions are the most important factor that determine success.

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.- Tony Robbins”

Here are his three secrets for success:

Secret #1: Don’t re-invent the wheel: Emulate others who have achieved the level of success you desire

Secret #2: Ask someone who can help you- Reach out someone else who has already “figured it out”. This could be a mentor, friend, colleague or an industry expert who you aspire to become.

Secret #3: Success leaves clues. People who succeed consistently are not lucky; they have figured out a “magic formula” that they apply over and over again. Determine the best possible way to learn their “magic formula” and apply it in your own life.

Regardless of what your definition of success is, you must develop the right attitude to achieve success. The right attitude in my opinion is to set big goals, take action, not make excuses, be grateful and help others.

A great attitude is not the result of success; Success is a result of great attitude- Earl Nightingale.

Nobody finishes well by accident. Success requires massive action and a strong commitment to achieve your goals. If you seek success, you must be intentional in your pursuit of reaching new heights and living your best story.

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